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Asheru & Blue Black Of The Unspoken Heard - Soon Come [2001]

Both of Asheru and Blue Black do the MC and production jobs (not the whole beatmaking and production stuff tho). Best thing about this album is that you can clearly see the evolution of the rap from golden age era, but in a positive way... we could easily say that from one point in the begining of '00s not just the big part of rap god dumbed down, but that it was hard to follow and understand the high level of consciousness of the part that continued to evolve in good way. So, "Soon come" is the mix of conscious and party rap under the "stay true" moto. 

without we gettin oded and philosophical 
we creatin a space where anything is possible 
we makin it so...even if it's not logical 
cause we runnin spiritual with the biological.......................


Meals To Dinner Time Prelude
Truly Unique
Live At Home
B-Boy (We Get Shit)
Theme Music
This Is Me
Dear You
Smiley (The Woh, Woh Song)
Soon Come
Think About feat. J-Sands of Lone Catalysts
Elevator Music

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