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Clever Jeff - Jazz, Hop, Soul

This album is a classic, no doubt. If you haven't heard it yet, what are you waiting for? Clever Jeff is a San Francisco rapper and producer, he appeared first under the name "Mr. Dong"...

"Jazz, Hop, Soul" is his first album and it's from the 1994. He released the second one ten years later in 2004 and titled it "Street Therapy", it's a solid sophmore album, and there's a video from it for a track "I'm not  gangster"...

For some strange reason there's no more video on web for song "Year of the fly MC", that's the non-album track released in the same year as "Jazz, Hop, Soul". But you can download the single "Year of the fly MC" (instrumental of the track is included, and also Guru's and Clever Jeff's rmx version of the "Catch Rek")

There's also the official video for a song "The City" from "Jazz, Hop, Soul"; it was on youtube for a while but it was taken off due to copyright stuff. I have managed to find only low quality version, you can watch it or download it from mediafire- here.

If I'm thinking about my favourite rap albums Jazz Hop Soul is always first that comes on my mind. Jeff's lyrics are always on point, simple and wise, and his deep flow over jazz influenced programmed beats is making whole album hypnotic. Jeff did the most of the job on this album alone, there's no rap features, and he signs the most of production credits.

Album tracklist:

1. Intro
2. No Fiction
3. Full Stride
4. The City
5. Refresh
6. Catch Rek
7. Late Night Tip
8. Some Shouts
9. For Real
10. At The Club
11. Keep It Comin’
12. Let The Man Command
13. Gangsta Jazz
14. Down Low
15. Jazz
16. Birth
17. Rainy Day
18. Jazz Hop Soul
19. Outro

Download and listen

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NaturallySo је рекао...

New music from Clever Jeff:

Domagoj Neumann је рекао...

odličan album, jel imaš možda instrumentale s tog albuma?

erupcijablog је рекао...

nemam druze, mislim da ni nije izbacivana instrumentalna verzija albuma. kada budem kacio hard sa muzikom pogledacu na singlovima, pretpostavljam da tu ima bar nesto