субота, 19. октобар 2013.

Clokworx - Microchips [2002]

"CLOKWORX was established in 1997 as a branch of the “Secret Service Crew” (Vocab, Products, One Verse, AOI, Non-Prophets, Sage Francis and Oktagon Supreme) by the members AmsUno, PhesOne and DJ Orator. " (read the whole review at http://indie-cratez.blogspot.com/2007/05/clokworx.html)
Don't miss this gem!


Mental Flux
On The One
Top Choice feat. Vocab
Hereafter feat. Elements
Time In This Career
Who’s That
World Of Truth feat. Produx
Who’s That (Celph Titled Remix)
Preservatives (Celph Titled Remix)
Freestyle (88.9 WERS)
Mullet (Sage Francis)

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