субота, 12. октобар 2013.

John Robinson & Kyo Itachi - The Path Of Mastery [2013]

Too bad this is shamelessly slept on album, this masterpiece deserves a lot more of recognition. Itachi is one of the freshest producers nowadays (check the Bankai Fam if you haven't heard of them), and Robinson is just that type of true mc that keeps constant effort in making good music. 


All Hail the Honorable
Gritty Trenches
Who Goes There
The Rap Shogun
Life Itself
Love You Like Music
Indigo Child
War Spelled Backwards
Mystical Strings
They Just Don’t Care
Manga (Astronote Remix)
Life Itself (Phalo Remix)
Mystical Strings (Venom Remix)
War Backwards (Azaia Remix)

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