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King Tee - IV Life [1994]

Here comes the funk of the future!!!!!!

"DX: And I want to talk to you about King Tee, another of my heroes.
Ice-T: He was [Notorious B.I.G.'s] favorite fuckin' emcee! Let's go there. Biggie said, when he came to L.A. They're very similar. [Laughs]

DX: King T, besides Spoonie Gee's "cheeba, cheeba, y'all" is one of the first emcees to rhyme about smokin' weed.
Ice-T: He had a thing he used to make rhymes, he called it the "drunk technique." He had to be the right amount of drunk to get on the mic. If he got too drunk, he couldn't spit. If he wasn't drunk enough, it wouldn't came out. Sometimes it would take days to get to the right focus point. [Laughing] " (quoted from http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/interviews/id.1512/title.these-are-our-heroes-ice-t)


You Can't See Me
Super Nigga ft Rashad
Duck ft E-Swift
3 Stikes Ya Out
Down Ass Loc
Free Style Ghetto ft Breeze, Tha Alkaholics, Xzibit
Way Out There
Let's Get It On ft Nikke Nicole
Check The Flow
Dippin' [Remix]

You should also check King Tee's latest project "Still Triflin'"

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