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Various ‎– Underground Airplay: Volume IV - Certified East Coast Bomb [1995]

"Marc Ecko was a huge hip-hop head/graff fan and he was competing feverishly to keep his fledgling clothing line relevant in the midst of other brands growing in popularity (yes, Fubu, Nautica, Mecca, Timberland, Polo Sport, and Tommy Hilfiger were threatening his business). Ecko had an advantage though. He already in a short amount of time had managed to gain a decent cult following because from day one his brand was dedicated to the underground Hip-Hop culture. In an attempt to appeal to that core audience of saavy street-influenced consumers the Echo brand would join forces with the ultra respected Hip-Hop troop, The Lyricist Lounge and release a free mixtape in conjunction with the purchase of their T-shirts.....they dubbed it the "One shirt, One tape, One Love" philosophy. These tapes... represented true hip-hop to the highest degree." (quoted from http://purehip-hop.blogspot.com)

A. Marshal - Intro
Triip - Keep It Flowin' 
Zoooizoo - Wild Like a Zoo 
L. Swift - Check Da Style 
8Off & PI - Pass Da Tron
Sinistar Voices - Can't Be Ya Lover
Problemz - Neva B4 
Mystidious Misfitss - I Be 
Ran Reed - So What You Want 
Grand Puba - Hip Hop 
VA - Cypha Session IV 
A. Marshall - Outro 

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