субота, 19. октобар 2013.

Mystic - Cuts For Luck And Scars For Freedom [2001]

As an artist Mystic is firstly located in the Bay Area. As long as I know "Cuts For Luck And Scars For Freedom" is her only album and there's a video for track "The Life" from it. She combines her mc skills with soul and r&b on this album. Beside high qulity lyrics and serious approach to different subject matters you'll recognize the whole set of emotions following them, and that's just what makes the whole album very dynamic.


Ghetto Birds
Neptunes Jewels
The Gottas
The Life
Once A Week
Dave Ghetto
Forever And A Day
You Say I Say
A Dream
W (Ft Planet Asia)
Fallen Angels
Girlfriend Sistagirl
Fatherless Child
O.K. Alright
Spoken Peace
Destiny Complete

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