петак, 11. октобар 2013.

Teekay – Psyychology [2013]

Here's something fresh. Pyychology is Teekay's album (he is the half of duo Dragon Fli Empire, the other member is DJ Cosm), he raps on some tracks and he did the beatmaking and production job on whole album. It's solid album, one of the few that drew my attention in the last couple of months.


Psyychology (A.Y.E. & Teekay) 
Sinista Prime Minista (Bedroc Oxtail) 
We Do It (Humble Giants) 
Saturday Night (Teekay/Chux/Nillie) 
Throw 'Em Up (Rubix) 
Wasted Dreams (Natural Ensemble) 
The Ocean (Teekay) (3:23)
Mind on Vacay (Avious) 
Out of Range (Cam the Wiz) 
T.K.L.I.B. - To Kindly Live in Bliss (Jazzlib Collective) 
One of a Kind Remix (Teekay) 
Psyychology - Chill Mix (A.Y.E. & Teekay) 

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