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Coss - Grayer Skies [2013]

"Grayer Skies is the first half of a two part LP series, the second half being Bluer Skies dropping in late November. The concept is what I call a "compilation of styles" as opposed to songs. Each project has its own distinct vibe and sound, putting on display different aspects of my style both production wise and content wise. Grayer Skies is a ode to the more boom bap, introspective aspect of my style, while Bluer Skies will showcase the more commercial side of my music. I hope you enjoy the music. Thanks for your love and support. -C$$"

Pieces Of A Man (prod. by Shag)
Long Way Down (prod. by Vnrable)
All For The Sunny (CA)(prod. by Shag)
Aziatic Crack (prod. by Shag)
Days Of Our Lives (prod. by Shag)
Burn The World Down (prod. by Shag)
Rainy Nights feat. Yamin Semali (prod. by Shag)
Tru Blood (prod. by Shag)
Give Thanks (prod. by Shag)
D’s On The Lac (prod. by Wil Madden)
Stop Scheme’n (prod. by Wil Madden)
Could It Be feat. Blu, Denmark Vessey & Sene (prod. by Wil Madden)

Co$$ is probably my favourite mc from LA right now. Best thing about this guy is that he is constanly raisning the bar of his raps, he got deep lyrics, staying true while keeping it real attitude and various of styles, I also appreciate the freshness he brings into his tracks. "Grayes skies" is released as a free download LP, but you can still name the price on bandcamp and support the artist as you should. 

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