среда, 11. децембар 2013.

Pyro [of The Kraken] - Propaganda [1998]

Propaganda (Acapella)
Propaganda (Clean)
Propaganda (Dirty) 
Propaganda (Instrumental) 
Status Quotient (Clean)
Status Quotient (Dirty)
Status Quotient (Instrumental) 

"Pyro, a former member of a rap group called The Kraken, was a graduate student at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University when he recorded “Propaganda” b/w “Status Quotient.”1 This is worth mentioning because both songs sound like they were written by a scholar who converted heady, opinionated, religiously inflected prose essays into fiery rap verses. That might seem like a sarcastic jab at the late 90s indie rap philosophy of aesthetics that forgives unpolished vocalists so long as their lyrics are adequately literate, but in this case it is a sincere compliment. Unlike the many tepid or sloppy rappers of the era, Pyro recites his rhymes with an intimidating amount of conviction. His delivery is impassioned, and his flow is riddled with imperfections that actually work in his favor by humanizing his sermon." [quoted from TROY blog, take a look at the whole article here]

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