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The Outfit - Soundtrack To Life [1999]

Jas Mace and Marchitect were introduced to each other through little league baseball in their hometown of Newark, Delaware. It was later realized that the two shared more than just a passion for sports, but also for hip-hop music. They began writing raps and recording music at Marchitect's house, which is also where their group's name was created. The origin of the name is the street address of where the two emcees honed their production and emceeing skills.
Marchitect's older brother, Grouchy Greg Watkins co-CEO of AllHipHop.com, organized a group called The Outfit. The Outfit released three 12" singles and a full length album on Oblique Recordings, a label that was also created by Grouchy Greg Watkins. The first 12" was released in 1995 and featured "Beauty of the Week" b/w "3 Mics, 2 Marks, and 1 Jas." In 1997, The Outfit released their second 12" that featured the songs "Why I Don't Know"/"Day In, Night Out" b/w "The Outfit Presents"/"Rise and Shine." Their final 12" release was in 1999 and featured the singles "Outta Sight" b/w "The Telephone." The 49ers were featured on all three of these releases. In 1999, The Outfit finally released their first and only full length album called The Soundtrack to Life.
The members of The Outfit eventually went their separate ways, but The 49ers continued recording. (quoted from wiki)

The Livest
A Love Supreme
The Fort Knocks
Beauty Of The Week
What's The Deal
What Ya Got lyrics
3 Mic, 2 Marks, 1 Jas
Why I Don't Know

I like this album, for me it's maybe even better than most of newer 49ers's stuff. Rhymes and beats are pretty simple and minimalistic but they stick to the essence...

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